Hey hey it's the Split Kranksy!


Hey Hey it's the Split Kranksy!

EXTREME MAKE OVER... we have a winner!

There was a man from China
Who drove a Mini Minor
Hit a rock...

Split his cock...
And now he's got a vagina!


Imagine flopping one of these split cocks out at the urinal...

The flying willy

This guy would have to sit down and piss like a girl

Looks worse than an infected navel ring

Genital bisection AKA Splitting the Kranksky is the total splitting of the male genitals.

In most cases, the penis remains fully functional, although some rigidity loss is possible. The penis maintains its form by the two halves of the corpus cavernosum. When they are no longer attached, the penis tends to curve in on itself (as seen in the first photo showing an erect full bisection), making insertion more difficult, but far from impossible.

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